Moose Head Decal Sticker (metallic silver, 5 inch, reversed)

Moose Head Decal Sticker (metallic silver, 5 inch, reversed)

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STICKERSLUG Moose Head Decal Sticker (metallic silver, 5 inch, reversed). Apply this moose head decal sticker to any number of surfaces. This vinyl decal can be applied to car auto bodies, glass windows, or apply as a truck or car bumper sticker. Also, this moose head decal sticker can be used to personalize your personal electronics collection, as a Macbook decal or for use on your iPad. Of course, all non-apple branded laptops and tablets are great surfaces for this decal sticker as well. This product is tested with a guaranteed 5-7 year outdoor lifetime grade, and certified to last indefinitely indoors. This decal sticker has the easiest application method. Simply peel and stick this decal to the desired surface, and peel away the patented application tape, to reveal a beautiful precision-cut decal sticker graphic that is guaranteed to enhance whatever surface you choose! New to decals? Not a problem! Each of our orders come packaged with our easy to follow Stickerslug instruction booklet for the decal neophytes.
  • beautiful gloss finish vinyl decal sticker
  • perfect for cars, windows, bumpers, and laptops
  • hassle-free easy peel and stick installation
  • zero background when applied
  • stickerslug instructional booklet

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